Hosting Events Resumed at Stamba Hotel, Rooms Hotel Tbilisi & Holiday Inn Tbilisi

More great news! We have resumed hosting events at Stamba Hotel, Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, and Holiday Inn Tbilisi in accordance with the new health and safety regulations. 

Currently, meetings, conferences, public talks, panels, trainings, and seminars, can be held at our outdoor, as well as indoor, spaces.

Dinner Garden Hall Event

Carefully tailored catering services with farm-to-table menus are designed to fit the needs and requirements of every occasion. Focusing on regional ingredients – the company uses fresh and seasonal produce to create sophisticated canapes, delicate small plates, and fine dining. 

Indeed, with extensive in-house capabilities and resources, the company has grown into one of the key players of the country’s events industry. Each occasion is special and we work passionately to create tailor-made environments and ambiance. And now more than ever we are eager to go back to providing new and unique experiences.