Created and developed by Adjara Group Holding, Udabno is one of the biggest regenerative agricultural developments in Europe, stretching over 20,000 hectares of land in Kakheti, Georgia. Udabno plays a significant role in the fight against desertification in the Kakheti region. The company has planted up to one million almond trees on its territory in Sagarejo, for which Udabno created the largest, fully automated irrigation and central water supply system in Europe.

The system is connected to an on-site weather station, which, based on humidity measurements, determines the amount of irrigation water required for the land.

From almond orchards, lush vineyards, and circular olive groves to mobile farms and chicken caravans, every corner of Udabno pulses with life. Currently, the company is working on a hospitality project that will further foster the ethical and sustainable practices of the group.