The Udabno Project’s Alternative Employment Program

We are now reopening our restaurants, bars and hotels, which we had to temporarily put on hold due to the recent global developments. While many of our establishments and projects had to be closed we gave our employees opportunities to keep working and earn a continuous income. 

We created an alternative employment program through the Udabno initiative – our innovative large-scale agricultural development project in the region of Kakheti. This gives our employees the possibility to explore farming, learn more about agriculture, and take part in cultivation of almond orchards as well as of various berry cultures and unique grape varieties. 

From picking strawberries to taking care of our farm animals many exciting positions were offered to our employees while our hotels and F&B outlets remained closed. 

The Udabno Project is developing 5,000 hectares of land in the Sagarejo municipality of Kakheti. Currently, we have a 2,000 hectare almond orchard, berry fields, and vineyards. Recently, we brought Mediterranean buffalos, Alpine goats, and chickens to develop a dairy and poultry farm.