By adopting a people-centered approach, Adjara Group has created an inclusive environmentwhile fostering professional growth for its employees. The company works actively with Georgian farmers and local businesses, playing a significant role in the country’s economic development. Moreover, Adjara Group has been active in supporting creative industries. As a result, many artists and forward-thinking entrepreneurs have opportunities to advance the country’s art and cultural scene which is gaining global recognition for its uniqueness and historically rooted vision.

Our Staff

Adjara Group focuses on gender equality, youth employment, and development of regional workforce. The company pays particular attention to equal representation of male and female employees. It also provides a wide range of opportunities for young and aspiring professionals.

All company employees receive extensive training, are counseled on career growth and benefit from healthcare plans.

Regional development is key to the company’s strategy and the projects across the country contribute to creating new employment opportunities in rural areas.

Adjara Group’s corporate culture is based on equality and inclusivity, which drive the recruiting process and play a major role in providing employees with a career path.

Communities & Partners

Adjara Group actively cooperates with private sector, NGOs, International organizations, and state institutions. The company prioritizes and encourages collaborations that foster sustainable economic growth, social inclusivity and equality.

Through regional projects – in Kazbegi, Kokhta-Mitarbi and Kakheti- Adjara Group has contributed to the development of local businesses. By creating new opportunities and supporting rural communities it has become a significant driver of economic growth in parts of the country which used to be isolated, with limited possibilities and resources.

Moreover, the company plays a crucial role in the development of the country’s agricultural sector and has partnered up with the GFA which led to new avenues for Georgian farmers to grow and advance local production.

Creative Economy

Creative economy in Georgia comes with new employment opportunities which as a result decreases poverty and enhances economic growth. Introducing and promoting the country’s culture and making it more accessible on international markets has brought further success to various Georgian creative projects. Adjara Group has introduced a number of initiatives through which the sector is reaching a new scale and expanding to an unprecedented level.

The company is turning a former radio factory located in Tbilisi into a creative economy platform with an aim to integrate artists, manufacturers, educators, entrepreneurs and professionals of diverse backgrounds into a synergistic ecosystem.

The in-house atelier is another example of the company’s commitment to further advancing creative economy. The Atelier employs a team of 15 seamstresses who use high quality fabrics and make clothing including signature uniforms and other creative pieces, guestroom accessories and interior design elements.

The company works directly with Georgian artists, designers, curators, architects and innovative entrepreneurs. It promotes and encourages projects which lead to new employment opportunities and support the country’s creative minds.