Adjara Group Holding is committed to environmentally sustainable practices to develop and manage its projects. The company’s focus on preserving nature, which directly affects health and well-being for all, is an integral part of Adjara Group’s vision.

Sustainable Agriculture

Udabno is one of the largest agricultural initiatives in Kakheti, Georgia. From 2017 onwards, it has been playing an important role in developing the industry by turning previously degraded land into an arable one, thus increasing its productivity while eradicating the threats of desertification and deforestation on the territory.

Moreover, Space Farms at Stamba Hotel is the first indoor vertical farm in the Caucasus region. Recognizing the importance and urgency of the challenges associated with climate change, Adjara Group Holding is supporting the project to facilitate the development of innovative agricultural practices in Georgia.

Sustainable Hospitality

As a leading Georgian company in the hospitality industry, Adjara Group Holding strives to advance its environmental efforts at its hotels and restaurants. Efficient energy consumption, recycling and waste management, are always prioritized by the company’s management. 

Recognizing the importance of sustainable consumption of energy, Adjara Group Holding has been integrating energy-efficient solutions into its properties. Importantly, the company is strongly committed to reducing waste production at its facilities and forming valuable partnerships to accelerate the company’s waste recycling methods.

Sustainable Development

By keeping the original structure and facades of the buildings largely intact, Adjara Group Holding’s projects used less construction materials per property. As a result, through this sustainable approach to development, negative environmental impacts of construction are minimized. 

Moreover, all of the holding’s properties have largely been built by materials available on the local market, thus, reducing carbon emissions associated with international transportation of the goods. Adjara Group Holding’s development team – Collective Development, continues creating new projects, majority of which are conversion projects, which will further popularize the practice of sustainable development in Georgia and beyond.