Rooms Hotel Kokhta welcomes first guests just before the New Year

Adjara Group opened a new Rooms Hotel in the picturesque mountainous region of Kokhta-Mitarbi. The ski-in/ski-out hotel, located under the mount Kokhta, is a combination of rustic charm and traditional luxury.

Rooms Hotel Kokhta is a new page in the development of the brand. With its wooden façade, metal balconies, and the “wild minimalist” interior, the building takes inspiration from the local culture and nature surrounding it. The spatial experience created by the establishment is a continuation of Adjara Group’s unique vision of hospitality.

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Landmark Sanatorium Soon to Become Rooms Hotel Abastumani

Located in Southern Georgia, Abastumani stands out for its exceptional nature, unique climatic conditions, and thermal waters with healing powers.

In October 2019, Adjara Group acquired an iconic building of an old sanatorium. Initially constructed in 1924, it soon will be transformed into Rooms Hotel Abastumani. Nestled in the woods with exquisite forest views, the hotel will focus on health and wellness.

Radio City Announced: Regional Hub for the Creative Economy

Adjara Group is transforming the former radio factory in Tbilisi’s Mukhiani neighborhood into a new creative economy platform.

The project aims at integrating artists, manufacturers, educators, entrepreneurs and professionals of diverse backgrounds into a synergistic ecosystem. The Radio City territory is an extensive 12 hectares, which will be used – amongst others – for international festivals, exhibitions, art fairs, artists residencies, co-working spaces, creative ateliers and studios.

Radio City-shi: The dilapidated facility, acquired by Adjara Group in August 2019, will become a regional hub for the creative economy.

Udabno Project: New Dairy Farm

The Udabno Project is developing 5,000 hectares of land with the help of the local population to create an agricultural hub and sustainable tourism destination.

A 2,000-hectare almond orchard has already been successfully established along with a berry farm and a small vineyard with diverse endemic grape varieties.

Recently, the Udabno Project welcomed buffalos and goats to the new dairy farm. As a result, all of Adjara Group’s properties will be enriched with fresh dairy produce straight from our farm.


Space Farms – A New Approach to Agriculture

Since September 2019, Adjara Group has been developing the first urban vertical farming project in the region. Located at Stamba Hotel, the Space Farms grows baby greens, leafy greens, edible flowers as well as strawberries and miniature vegetables. Built across 200 square meters of surface with 7 levels of racks, the facility utilizes 75% less water, conserves energy and grows fresh and organic produce handpicked for Adjara Group’s restaurants.

ARENA / Further – Design Hotels’ ARENA 2019 was hosted by Adjara Group in Georgia

In 2019 Design Hotels’ ARENA, the annual members’ conference, was hosted in Georgia by Adjara Group. Three hundred of the most creative and inspiring representatives of the international hospitality industry attended the event. The guests experienced the design-centric properties of Adjara Group, as well as the country’s authentic culture and unique traditions.

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The Concept of the Georgian Supra by Adjara Group in Paris

After Berlin and Tbilisi, in June 2019, Adjara Group’s concept of Supra visited Paris. To celebrate the long-lasting friendship between Georgia and France, Adjara Group recreated a traditional Georgian Supra in Paris. It was an occasion for French guests to become familiar with the Georgian cuisine, wine, art and music.
Which destination will Supra visit next is one of the updates to look for in 2020.

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TPMM at Stamba – Unprecedented Space for Visual Arts in the Region

Adjara Group, known for promoting Georgian art, has played a significant role in the development of a large-scale cultural project of regional importance. Since September 2019, an expansive space at Stamba Hotel has been dedicated to Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum, which is the first institution in South Caucasus to focus on contemporary imagery through various forms.

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Fukuyama Democracy Frontline Centre – Advocating Democracy in the Heart of Stamba

The Democracy Frontline Center has opened at Stamba Hotel in May, 2019. The Center envisions a wide spectrum of freedom fighters, human rights activists and democracy advocates throughout the European and Eurasian region, coalescing around the fundamental values of democracy, rule of law, and the liberal international order. These universal values have been essential to peace and stability throughout most of the continent, and the Center sees itself as a focal point for defending and advancing the cause of freedom, democratic development and respect for human rights.

Adjara Group Academy Set Up to Foster Professional Growth

Adjara Group has announced the development of its in-house educational institution – Adjara Group Academy.

The Academy aims at establishing a vocational training platform for aspiring professionals from Georgia and perhaps even beyond. The project also plans on setting up the “People’s Development Center” and advancing the personal/professional growth of the company’s employees.

Currently, the first vocational program – Culinary School – is being shaped. The school will be launched in early 2020 and will form aspiring chefs through an eight months program with potential employment opportunities towards the end.

Stamba Hotel wins People’s Choice Award at AHEAD Global 2019

After winning the New Concept of the Year award at AHEAD Europe 2018, Stamba Hotel became the People’s Choice at the AHEAD Global 2019. 

AHEAD is the international celebration of hospitality experience and design. It recognises the tireless pursuit for the exceptional, focusing on forms, functions and concepts of outstanding hotels setting industry trends worldwide.

International recognition of Stamba Hotel brought further success to Georgia as a unique destination with the deep-rooted hospitality culture.

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Valeri Chekheria – “Hotelier on the up” by Monocle Magazine

As a recognition of Adjara Group’s role in transforming the country’s hospitality industry, the influential global affairs and lifestyle magazine Monocle named the company CEO Valeri Chekheria“Hotelier on the up” in its annual travel top 50 list.

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