The global market for creative goods has more than doubled in size from 208$ billion in 2002 to 509$ billion in 2015. Hence, advancement of the creative economy in Georgia presents a chance for creating better employment opportunities. 

Importantly, the development of creative industries makes it possible to export the country’s culture and make it more popular on international markets. Recognizing this, Adjara Group works directly with Georgian artists, designers, curators, architects and innovative entrepreneurs. 

Radio City

Adjara Group is transforming the former radio factory in Tbilisi’s Mukhiani neighborhood into a new creative economy platform.

The project aims at integrating artists, manufacturers, educators, entrepreneurs and professionals of diverse backgrounds into a synergistic ecosystem. Radio City‘s territory is an extensive 12 hectares, which will be used – amongst others – for international festivals, exhibitions, art fairs, artists residencies, co-working spaces, creative ateliers and studios.

Adjara Group Atelier

While working on the first Rooms Hotel in Kazbegi, the team realized the importance of uniforms and fabrics to conceptually fit spatial dispositions. As a result, the company started working with an innovative designer Tina Kvinikadze who specializes in costume design for theatre and film.

She is heading the company’s in-house Atelier, which has been integral to building Adjara Group’s internationally celebrated hospitality projects. Currently, a team of 15 tailors use high quality fabrics and make clothing including signature uniforms and other creative pieces, guest-room accessories and interior design elements. The Atelier’s products are also sold in The Shop at Stamba Hotel and Rooms Hotel Kokhta

Arts & Culture

Adjara Group is an important contributor to the development of Georgian arts and culture. The company’s brands are each associated with a diverse group of contemporary Georgian artists and have vast spaces across the properties designed for various cultural events and programs.

Adjara Group’s vast, open facilities have been established as cultural hubs for pop up events and public talks with internationally celebrated writers, photographers, painters, architects, and designers. Rooms and Stamba Hotels have an extensive collection of paintings by renowned and rising Georgian artists, the majority of which are exhibited in public spaces of the establishments, as well as in the guestrooms.

Furthermore, Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum at Stamba Hotel displays decades worth of photographic material by international, regional, and local artists. Whereas, the residency programs at Stamba Hotel, as well as in Fabrika, advance the country’s creative industries by creating knowledge-sharing and skill-building platforms for innovative teams and individuals.

The company collaborates with prominent contemporary art institutions such as Artarea, the Propaganda Network – behind Oxygen art festival – and Innovation Lab by Center of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi. All of them are composed of daring artists, critics, and curators who are pushing the country’s artistic and cultural boundaries.

Adjara Group has been supporting and collaborating with prominent film, music, and visual arts festivals held in Georgia. As a result, the company has been an essential contributor to the Georgian arts and culture events of international significance.

The company, also involved in Tbilisi Architectural Biennial, has elevated Tbilisi to the top of the emerging architecture and design scenes.

Recognizing the importance of cultural heritage in sustaining and advancing the country’s identity, Adjara Group is actively partnering with the Georgian National Opera, Rustaveli Theatre, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, and Tbilisi State Conservatoire.

Moreover, Tbilisi is competing with the most established fashion capitals and is under the spotlight for its sense of style. Adjara Group partners with the Mercedes Benz Tbilisi Fashion Week, which every year gathers a line of emerging and talented local designers.