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A pioneer in urban and rural development, the company has shaped the face of the region as a result of the ecosystems which organically grow around each of the enterprises it creates. The company has the ability to turn even the most remote and underdeveloped regions throughout the country into sustainable tourism destinations.

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Two years later in 2014, a historic publishing house would become the second Rooms Hotel, this time in the heart of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. The design concept of the hotel combines brutalist chic architecture with elements of contemporary décor.

In 2016, a former Soviet sewing factory was revived and transformed into the colorful Fabrika hostel, bringing together young travelers and art enthusiasts as well as a diverse community of local vendors and cafes.

Stamba hotel is an indulgent luxury addition to the group and is in a separate building of the same former publishing house complex as Rooms Hotel Tbilisi. In 2018 the hotel opened its doors offering unparalleled features including a rooftop swimming pool, Chocolaterie & Roastery, Café Stamba, Shio Ramen, along with galleries and exhibition spaces.

Gender Equality

Financial independence is one of the key factors in women’s psychological rehabilitation following the experience of trauma and isolation. Therefore, the company has initiated a program to support victims of domestic violence by providing training and employment opportunities.


Adjara Group has invested in a series of environmentally friendly electric cars to mitigate air pollution as well as having set up Electric Vehicle Stations – EVS’s- in the parking spaces of Rooms and Stamba Hotels. The company has also decreased the consumption of electricity at Holiday Inn Tbilisi, Rooms Hotels and Fabrika by installing energy efficient light bulbs. Moreover, instead of disposing of used kitchen oil, the company sends it from all properties to an ISO certified company for recycling purposes. Adjara Group is part of the Green Engage programme, which urges environmentally friendly business practices and ensures the implementation of green ideas.

Regional Development

Adjara Group’s regional projects have a profound impact on the surrounding regions turning them into leaders among sustainable destinations. The company transforms the areas (Kazbegi, Kakheti, Kokhta-Mitarbi) by developing infrastructure, generating work opportunities and establishing new social norms. Recent years have even been marked by inward migration with people returning home to set up small businesses. The company encourages and protects the community’s existing businesses as well as financially supporting new entrepreneurial ideas. Adjara Group is also planning a series of exchange programmes between Tbilisi and youth in the regions.


In partnership with the Georgian Rugby Union, the company is financially supporting National Center for People with Autism, which is crucial for moving forward towards a more inclusive and equal society in Georgia. The Center is designed to help individuals with autism to develop skills for living independently and become active members of the workforce. For the first time in the region, trainings and education programs are tailored for people with autism which will play a part in generating inclusive and sustainable growth.

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The company collaborates with prominent art institutions such as Artarea, Propaganda Network – behind Oxygene art festival – and Innovation Lab by Center of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi, all of which are composed of daring artists, critics and curators, who are pushing the country’s artistic and cultural boundaries.

Moreover, Tbilisi is now competing with the most established fashion capitals and has been under the spotlight for its sense of style. Here as well, the company partners with Tbilisi Fashion Week which every year gathers a line of emerging and talented local designers.    

Adjara Group, also involved in Tbilisi Architectural Biennale, has elevated Tbilisi to the top of the emerging architecture and design scenes. The company regularly collaborates with the Georgian National Opera, Rustaveli Theatre and International film and photography festivals. 

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