Responsible Business

Adjara Group Holding has been actively engaged in ensuring that all of its activities are implemented ethically. The company’s policy documents, which have been created to dictate operational and administrative norms are to be followed by its three teams – hospitality, agriculture, and development.


By adopting a people-centered approach, Adjara Group has created an inclusive environment while fostering professional growth for its employees. The company works actively with Georgian farmers and local businesses, playing a significant role in the country’s economic development.

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Arts & Culture

Adjara Group Holding is an important contributor to the Georgian arts and culture. By partnering with prominent artist networks and cultural entrepreneurs, the company has become an inseparable part of the process through which the contemporary Georgian identity is shaped.

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Nature & Places

Adjara Group Holding is committed to environmentally sustainable practices to develop and manage its projects. The company’s focus on preserving nature, which directly affects health and well-being for all, is an integral part of Adjara Group’s vision.

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