The Covid-19 pandemic has created immense challenges to the hospitality industry and the world. Hotels and restaurants had to temporarily halt their operations and millions of people have lost their jobs. Adjara Group is actively involved in helping Georgia’s vulnerable communities and, most importantly, its employees, many of whom have been encountering a period of uncertainty.

1anoba Fund

The 1anoba Fund was created by the Adjara Group CEO Valeri Chekheria along with his friends – Nino Zambakhidze, Georgian Farmers’ Association Chairman, and Sandro Kandelaki, Business Accelerator Spark Manager.The initiative aims to support single mothers, the elderly living alone, as well as other socially and economically vulnerable communities, during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which causes major financial hardships for Georgian citizens all over the country.

Volunteers and donors are integral in ensuring that the 1anoba Fund’s objectives are achieved. So far, more than 2,000 people have expressed interest in helping those who need it the most while international organizations, as well as the private sector,  have contributed to the cause financially, as well as through resources and fundraiser campaigns.

New Safety Standards

The close cooperation with the Georgian government and UNWTO during the Covid-19 pandemic has been integral in helping Adjara Group shape its healthy safety standards. The company’s new regulations ensure physical distancing, prioritize enhanced cleanliness, promote personal hygiene, and make it possible to immediately identify any health threats within the establishments.

#TOGETHER Platform

Adjara Group has joined the UNTWO’s #TravelTomorrow campaign with a new initiative. As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the #Together platform was launched in Spring 2020, to kick-start recovery efforts and help the industry get back on track.

The main objective of the initiative is to help the big family of Adjara Group’s employees in overcoming the hardships that the Novel Coronavirus has created. Additionally, the company acknowledges that the vulnerable communities in Georgia are in dire need of support. For this reason, part of the income generated by the #Together platform will be donated to the 1anoba Fund.

Udabno Project’s Alternative Employment Program

All Adjara Group’s hospitality establishments temporarily halted operating during the Covid-19 lockdown. Under these circumstances, many of the company’s team members have faced a period of uncertainty and financial burdens. For this reason, the Udabno Project’s alternative employment program was initiated to retrain Adjara Group’s staff and provide new job opportunities for them in the agricultural industry. From picking strawberries to taking care of the dairy farm, many exciting positions were offered to the company’s employees.

Charity Initiative with Glovo & Wolt

To increase the Fund’s financial capacity, Adjara Group recently started to also partner with the on-demand food delivery service companies Glovo and Wolt. Now, from every order placed for Lolita and Café Stamba on Wolt and Glovo platforms 2 Gel is transferred to the Fund. Half of each donation is covered by Adjara Group and the other half is contributed by the platform which takes the order.