Adjara Group Holding is an important contributor to Georgian arts and culture. The company’s brands are each associated with a diverse group of the country’s artists and have extensive spaces across the properties designed for residencies, exhibitions, cultural workshops and art fairs. The complex and extensive facilities have established cultural hubs with their vast outdoor areas and public spaces used for pop-up events and public talks with internationally celebrated writers, photographers, painters, architects and designers.

The company collaborates with locally prominent art institutions such as Artarea, Propaganda Network, Mutant Radio, and Innovation Lab by Center of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi, all of which are composed of daring artists, critics, and curators, who are pushing the country’s artistic and cultural boundaries.

Moreover, Tbilisi is now competing with the most established fashion capitals and has been under the spotlight for its sense of style. Adjara Group Holding has been partnering with Tbilisi Fashion Week which every year gathers a line of emerging and talented local designers.