Almond Orchards

2,000 Ha

Almond Trees

700 000


8 Ha


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2,000 Ha

Mediterannean Buffalos


Alpine Goats




Udabno Project

As one of Adjara Group Holding’s three directions, Udabno manages one of the biggest agricultural developments in Georgia’s eastern region of Kakheti. The almond orchard, berry farms, vineyard with endemic grape varieties, as well as the dairy farm, all of which are part of the agricultural direction of the holding, are setting new standards in the industry. 

By developing up to 8,000 hectares of land in Kakheti, Udabno is playing a pivotal role in fighting desertification, while bringing biodiversity in the region. Importantly, with more than 25 kilometers of water pipes already laid down, as well as the efficient, automated irrigation systems, Udabno has been establishing modern, efficient and sustainable agricultural practices in Georgia. 

Employing local populations and creating a gender-balanced work environment is highly prioritized in the company’s agricultural work. Considering that some portion of the region’s inhabitants are ethnic and religious minorities, the Udabno team makes sure that work opportunities are created for people of diverse backgrounds. 

Udabno is a member of the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC), Georgia’s Almond & Walnut Producer Association, and Georgian Farmers’ Association. The company also consults with the Spanish firm Nogaltec, that has vast knowledge and experience in almond cultivation and exploitation. Moreover, Udabno partners with the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency and is a recipient of a number of grants from Georgia’s Agricultural Ministry as well as Enterprise Georgia.

Almond Orchard

The 2,000 hectare almond orchard is managed using technologies of the highest quality and serves as a platform of knowledge exchange between Georgian professionals in the field and international experts. The orchard is expanding every year and by developing an almond nursery, the company plans to fully cultivate the plants in-house.

Currently, the following Spanish and Italian almond varieties are grown: Supernova, Genco, Guara, Soleta, and Lauranne. By the year 2021-22, the harvest from the orchard will be exported and also sold on the Georgian market, making Udabno one of the biggest almond producers in the Caucasian region.

Dairy & Poultry Farms

The Udabno livestock and poultry farms include 60 mediterannean buffalos, 50 alpine goats, and 120 chickens, with the numbers set to increase each year. The animals, all of which are only used for obtaining milk and eggs, are being cared for by the team. Moreover, the company plans to construct a milk processing plant for producing cheese, almond milk and further utilizing the farm’s dairy products.

Farm to Table

Udabno provides fresh produce for Adjara Group Holding’s restaurants straight from the immense land in Kakheti. Moreover, cheese and matsoni produced by the holding’s restaurants use goat and buffalo milk from the company’s dairy & poultry farm.

Local populations play an integral role in ensuring that the value chain created within the holding system is consistent and fresh products of the highest quality are provided for Adjara Group Holding’s establishments.