udabno is one of the biggest regenerative agricultural developments in Europe. An almond orchard, vineyards with endemic grape varieties, farms, and an industrial village Pandora create the unique synergy of Udabno. By developing up to 20,000 hectares of land in Kakheti, udabno plays a pivotal role in combating desertification while fostering biodiversity in the region.

Committed to implementing sustainable and ethical practices that promote biodiversity and support the local ecosystem, udabno has been at the forefront of developing regenerative agriculture approaches in Georgia. By regulating the immune system of the land, udabno tirelessly explores ecologically reiterative farming that restores biodiversity: above and below the soil.

The company’s agricultural work highly prioritizes employing local populations and creating a gender-balanced work environment. Considering that some portion of the region’s inhabitants are ethnic and religious minorities, the udabno team makes sure that work opportunities are created for people of diverse backgrounds.