USAID Georgia Mission Director, Peter Wiebler Visited Rooms Hotel Abastumani

Tbilisi, April 23, 2021 — As part of the ongoing partnership between Adjara Group Holding and USAID Economic Security Program, the USAID/Georgia Mission Director, Peter Wiebler visited Rooms Hotel Abastumani, The hotel’s potential for regional development, as well as the opportunities for expanding the partnership, were discussed during the meeting. 

Adjara Group Holding will invest approximately USD 13.5 million in the rehabilitation and development of the historic sanatorium, which is being transformed into Rooms Hotel Abastumani.  Currently, the company is working with Wings and Freeman Capital, to obtain financing from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) to develop Rooms Hotel Abastumani.

Additionally, in partnership with the USAID Economic Security Program, the employees of Adjara Group Holding will be trained in health and wellness in adherence to the international standards. Through international technical assistance, the Program funding will also contribute to strengthening the safety measures at the hotel.

Rooms Hotel Abastumani will welcome its first guests in Winter, 2022. The project envisages to create around 150 employment opportunities and new, high-value jobs for local communities, thus significantly strengthening the economic development of the region.

Nestled within the coniferous forest with healing powers, Rooms Hotel Abastumani will feature approximately 76 guest rooms along with conference and meeting spaces. Its restaurant and bar will provide Adjara Group Holding’s signature farm-to-table gastronomic program with an emphasis on healthy food consumption.

Functionally, health and wellness will take center stage at Rooms Hotel Abastumani. The project implies creating facilities and programming aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle. Identifying and integrating international trends and the local context will play a crucial role in ensuring that high quality services and spaces are created for domestic and international guests looking to improve their physical, mental, as well as spiritual health.