Adjara Group Academy’s new project

The Culinary School, part of the Adjara Group Academy, is now open for applications until August 17. Applicants have the opportunity to choose from the following two programs: Beginner Chef and Beginner Pastry Chef. 

The program, while continuing for 7 months covers both theoretical and practical elements of the chosen course. Lectures will be led by Georgian as well as international chefs and culinary experts. 

Practical training will be conducted at the professionally equipped kitchens of Adjara Group’s hotels both in Tbilisi and across regions. Students trained outside Tbilisi will be staying at Rooms Hotel Kazbegi and Rooms Hotel Kokhta. 

Adjara Group recognizes the importance of education as the very foundation for advancing the socio-economic development of the country. Therefore, in 2019 the company initiated the Adjara Group Academy, which currently combines two main entities – Learning and Development Center and Vocational Education Unit. 

for further information visit the website of the Adjara Group Academy.

Beginner Chef and Beginner Pastry Chef programs are financially supported by TBC Bank.